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Bfree: KushHead

I’ve been really digging the stuff Keane has been putting out and this is no exception. I never met Brian Freeman or skated with him but everyone just seems to really love this guy. And if he is repping RollerWarehouse this hard, I’m backing him as well. The fishy up the wall rail was my fav.

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New Rollerwarehouse Catalog

New Rollerwarehouse Catalog that I shot!!!    

Check out the new Rollerwarehouse catalog that just came out. Because I shot the damn cover!!!! I’m so stoked they ended up using this photo of Vossoughi. I’ve been getting this catalog since I was a little kid in middle school. It would come along side Team Paradise for god sake. Well TP is no longer around and the true bosses are left still standing. So go support a shop that has been around longer than most dudes even knew what blading was. For the record this rail goes from flat fancy rail to straight up square right at the kink. So right when you lock on you go from one weird rail to another. Shit was nuts but you know Voss Hoss handled it for than than once!

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