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Sunday Streets - Blading Edition

Sunday Streets Krans and Thomas Megan Reppin' the crew Caremon was thereEpic Danny Shot Krans with the Goods P Rail get down

Sunday Streets is a thing they do here in SF where they close down some road to cars and just let people bike, skate, and dance all over. So this year Krans decided that it’s time for this event to have some blading in it. So he rented a UHaul and got some Amall P Rails and set this whole thing up. What the hell have you done for blading lately? So we had a nice little line of prails to hit to show the people what real blading looks like. Dudes came all the way from Sac just to skate some prails just to show support. Lots of people TALK about supporting blading and trying to get new eyes on what we do but most don’t do much but be negative to their fellow bladers and talk shit anonymously online. So a big thank to everyone that came out and had a rad day in park. Let’s try and keep blading positive and fun, like its supposed to be! So again, a really big thanks to Krans for putting it all together. Photos contributed by Megan Peterson and myself. 

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