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Product Review: Seba CJ Wellsmore

Seba Cj's 1

Seba CJ Wellsmore Completes:

I have been skating for about 20 years and have tried pretty much every major brand of “aggressive” skate ever made. The first time I ever saw Seba skates was in Golden Gate park and they were having the slalom world championships. A friend and I were pretty impressed with how well made they were and that they had pro models for these guys. We even joked that it would be rad if they got into the aggressive market. Well now it looks like they have and I’m very stoked they have. 


Let’s just get this out of the way first. That is the number one thing most skaters are automatically taken back by when talking about the Sebas.  But if you think about other sports such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and even cycling, you know that to get a complete set up for $550 is a really good deal. And if this is your passion and what you love to do I really don’ t think it is that much. Especially with how durable and well made of a product it is. 

Seba Cj's 2


These are hands down the most comfortable liners I have ever skated in my life! Usually with skates there is a definite break in period that will result in a few sessions ending in blisters and definite foot ache caused by pressure points. I’ve been on mine for over a month and haven’t had a single pressure point or blister. Also they aren’t some huge bulky thing that makes it look like you are wearing moon boots. They are big enough to give you that cushy feel but small enough to not appear big on your foot. One thing to note is the liners do not come out of the skate; it is all one piece. There are other carbon skates that have this same set up but I found them to be very thin and when you did a grind you could really feel everything, and trust me it didn’t feel good. 


Sometimes with stock wheels you can run into them basically being garbage and chunking on you pretty fast but these have been holding up great. They are a bigger wheel coming in at 60mm but personally, I usually just get the biggest wheel that the frame can take so they will last longer. The skates come set up anti rocker with plastic grind wheels. I ride anti but I usually prefer to have normal anti rocker wheels with bearings so that you don’t hang up on cracks or coping. So that is one very minor thing I would say needs to be changed. But other then that I would put the Seba wheels up against any other wheel in the aggressive market. 

Seba Cj's 3


The frames on these things also could stand up against any after market frame out there. They aren’t too heavy, the grind space is massive and mine are still sliding fast after a month. They can fit 60mm wheels when most other skates out there can only go up to 59mm. Also, like stock wheels sometimes stock frames can be pretty bad, but with these frames I can’t see any reason why you would need to switch them out. The hardware seems very durable and you only need one allen wrench to take wheels off and on which is nice and makes switching out wheels a breeze. The soul plate on these is very fast and isn’t too big. Sometimes with skates the soul plates will just be massive and can rub the ground when turning. But not with these. There is enough there to let you lock on soul tricks but not some massive thing where it seems like almost cheating. Same with the negative space; I’d say its bigger then most skates but definitely smaller then Xsjado skates where the soul and the negative are the same size. It comes pre grooved so you can start busting royales on rails from day one. The grind space is about a 4 finger gap from 3rd to 4th wheel so there is definitely enough room for you to get your grind on. 

*Side note, the allen wrench that come with the skates is even really legit. It reminds me of the old K2 skate tool which for those who had them know. They were the best allen wrench ever made because you could really get good leverage on them and you had more to hold onto then a tiny little allen wrench. 

Buckle/Lacing System/Cuff:

This may sound crazy because they are just laces, but the laces on these things are hardcore. They are just very thick and feel like they are very tough. The lace holes go up very very high, even over the buckle, which is something you don’t really see in other skates. I like it because it really does give you options. Some skates like to run their skates very loose so they can flex while others want as much support as they can get. So no matter how you like it they have you covered. The more support you need the tighter you can lace them. They also come with a heel strap that is removable to decrease your heel raising in the skate and to keep you locked in. My foot felt pretty secure and I wasn’t really getting any heel raise but I left mine on because I liked the way they looked better. The buckle on the skate seems really beefy and the cuffs come with a standard buckle protector. My buckles still have a lot of snap still in them after a month of abuse. The cuffs are a pretty low cuff which lets you really flex on topside but doesn’t seem overly low where they feel floppy. They come with an allen key axle bolt so you can easily switch the cuff out if you wanted a different look. 

Overall Aesthetics/Appearance:

The most obvious thing you notice about the skate first is the wavy carbon fiber near the heel of the skate. For lack of a better term it really just looks bad ass! Also you can’t really go wrong with a grey and black skate. Nothing too flashy just a simple, clean looking skate. The black material around the toe seems really rugged and is holding up really well. I haven’t had any issues with tearing and definitely seems to be like one of the tougher if not the toughest skin on the market. The grey material has a little bit of a softer feel then the black but still I haven’t had any issues with it tearing either. I’ve skated in other carbon skates and I never liked them because they just felt a bit stiff but with these they flex just like any plastic skate on the market. 

Seba Soyale

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I hope this gives you a better idea of why these are some of the best aggressive skates on the market today and why they are definitely worth considering. So if you are in the market for these skates or any other aggressive skates be sure to check out

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Blade History: VG13

Videogroove is basically the 411 of rollerblading. If you call yourself a blader you should have seen them all at least once. I don’t make up these rules, its just common sense. 

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Blader Trivia

old senate logo 

I started posting random Blader Trivia questions on my personal facebook account and it went so well I decided to make it it’s own FB group. So if you are into Blader Trivia go check it out. It’s seriously going off and I’m learning a ton, you can too.

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Iain Mcleod X Razors 2014


Full tru misfit? Are you fucking kidding me? Definitely never seen anyone do that shit before. Iain Mcleod is a freak of nature. 

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Yee Xsjado Part

Check out the homie, Kevin Yee’s video part from the Xsjado video. He was only down in LA a few times so he got all this footage in a very short amount on time. Negative citric acid on a handrail? Probably the first time thats ever happened. 

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Valo 5 on Itunes

Valo 5 is now up for download in the Itunes store. I downloaded it last night and it definitely has some sick shit in it. Bailey does one of the biggest sweatstances ever done in history. That alone is worth the 13 bucks. 

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Valo 5 

Valo 5 is now up for sale in their web store. You can tell these dudes put a lot of work into this thing. Can’t wait to actually see it since I missed out on the premiere.  I heard Victor and Gav Drumm go off and ESG has one of the craziest clips ever. Pick up a copy and support these dudes. 

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Montre - Street Specialist

Always a treat to watch. 

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Pic of the Week

John Vossoughi - Back Royale. San Mateo-   

Vossoughi going full hog out on this cluster fuck of a drop rail. He laced this back royale to fakie and another trick which I will be posting soon. No flashes just the cam and the sun. 

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Blade History - Mad Beef

Some seriously old school blading right here! Know your history kiddies. 

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