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Misson Local Showing Some Love

My pic up on Mission Local  

Yesterday we all went out skated some rails again at the Sunday Streets. But this time it was on Valencia and 19th so it was right in my neighborhood. At some points we had like 20-30 people watching us. Some people had literally never even seen this shit before. Like people had NO IDEA people did this kind of stuff on blades but most were way stoked on us. So I’m thinking maybe that is what prompted Mission Local to put up my pic of Kevin Yee. Either way I’m stoked to be getting some local love.

Tags #inline    #skating    #mission    #district    #sf    #san francisco    #sports    #art    #xsjado    #valo    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf   

Weather Report: SF

orange alley carnage  

Last weeks Friday’s Fail of the week was about how bad the weather has been lately in SF. It seems like its been raining for days on end with little tiny breaks of amazingness here and there. For instance right now its perfectly sunny out but its pouring down rain. Also check out what good old mother nature did in the back alley at my place. I’m actually kind of worried because they are expecting an earthquake to happen this week, because of recent events like those dead animals in SD. So knock on wood, and now more than ever I really can’t wait for that shorts at night weather we have all been missing.

Tags #sf    #weather    #tree    #down    #nature    #bad    #storm    #carnage    #mission    #district    #san francisco    #california    #wind    #windy