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People Behaving Badly: The Josh Edition


So for those of you not from the bay area. Stanley Roberts is some fat douche bag that everyone in the city hates. He has a segment on the ghettoiest news station in the bay about people doing random shit that he deems as bad. This time he was getting guys running red lights on market st. The funny thing is directly behind where he is filming there are probably at least 10 dudes obviously selling drugs out in the open, but never mind that. My homie Josh comes in at the :34 mark and then it just turns to gold after that. Nice work Josh!!! Sorry about the ticket though. 

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Premium Rush Trailer


Hollywood and fixies together at last. 

Tags #fixed    #gear    #track    #bike    #cycling    #messenger    #courier    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf    #sports    #fun    #art   

DC Courier Video


This kinda makes me miss being a messenger. But it mostly just makes me miss my home city of DC. So much marble to shred!

Tags #bike    #messenger    #courier    #cycling    #fixed    #gear    #washington    #dc    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf   

Old NYC Messenger Video


So good! Kinda makes me miss being on the road, but this horrible rain we have had the last week kinda doesn’t. I can’t help but think of all the messengers when the weather is just horrible and its only like noon. 

Tags #bike    #messenger    #courier    #nyc    #squid    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf    #old    #school    #new    #york    #fixed    #gear    #track    #bike    #fgfs    #cycling    #bike    #bicycle   

Steve Tortorelli X TCB


TCB remade their website and added little videos on all the riders. Check out the homie Steve repping the Deal With it shirt in his! I’m working on getting new shirts made so those should be out after new years some time. Also TCB is having their 2 year anniversary party tonight at Dear Mom. So if you are in SF come out and show support to these guys.

Tags #tcb    #bike    #messenger    #courier    #mission    #sf    #san francisco    #bay    #area    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf    #fixed    #gear    #track    #bike    #road    #mtb    #fun    #art    #film    #tortorelli   

Messenger Mondays - Austin

Messenger Monday's - Austin  

"I always like to call this dude scarface, but for some reason it never caught on. Now I’m the only asshole that calls him that. This guy reps the "California Casual Cruiser Club" so don’t expect to see him getting hot. Peep his tumblr SkinnyFists.


Tags #bike    #messenger    #courier    #fixed    #gear    #bike    #road    #mtb    #mountain    #sf    #san    #francisco    #fun    #art    #photographer    #bicycle   

Messenger Mondays - Dave

Messenger Monday's - Dave   

"Steeeez that’s what Dave has got. Doesn’t matter whether he is spitting rhymes or crushing on blades. Dave has worked at bps since before I knew him. People come and go but dukoe will always hold it down delivering logs to drivers over on Natoma. Do yourself a favor and peep his music video that he made completely on his own.”


Tags #bike    #messenger    #bicycle    #courier    #fixed    #gear    #track    #fixie    #sf    #san francisco    #california    #cinelli    #dolan    #fun    #art   

Messenger Monday’s - “Roddy”

Messenger Mondays Roddy

I’m on vacation time right now so today it’s Messenger Tuesdays. Up today is the normal author of the messenger monday’s, Roddy. I’ve known Roddy for years now, we met through skating and then eventually turned to bikes. I still try pretty much every weekend to get this man on skates because he murders shit but no to avail. He has been a Western gravy dog now for around 3 years, so you might catch him at the statue with his legs crossed on his iphone, or putting up stickers on every inch of the bay. When Roddy isn’t busy doing graffitti, or having shower beers, you can find him spending time with his lady and the new edition to his family “Charlotte”.

Tags #bike    #courier    #sf    #san francisco    #bay area    #fixed    #gear    #track    #bike    #messenger    #california    #road    #mtb    #downtown    #sf   

Messenger Mondays - “Sardine”

Messenger Mondays Sardine 

Photo by Justin  

For the first 2 years I knew Sardine I didn’t know his first name.  Now that I think about it….. I’m pretty sure I forgot what it is. Wait….. Johnny Utah?  Naw that’s not it. Whatever, anyways this dude is pretty rad.  He’s your run of the mill messenger.  Smoking, drinking, racing, and unmentionable illegal activities are among a few things that he excels in.  You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at his baby like face, but this dude can rage! I’m not talking about the fun kind, I’m talking about the road kind where someone doesn’t use a turn blinker and dude snaps and rips a head off.  Its pretty epic to watch Sardine lose it. Unlike myself, Sardine is able to rattle off a long string of insults and obsceneties without stuttering or twitching at all and on top of that its fucking hilarious.  If he ever got pissed at me I wouldn’t be able to take him serious, I’d probably just laugh and pee my pants.  Honestly I’m a little jealous.  One time Sardine came over and played Call of Duty for about 5 hours straight.  No joke, he almost beat it in one solid burn.  I don’t really know where I was going with that, I’m just impressed he was able to not get distracted for that long with his ADD and all.  He’s a heart breaker all right.  Say whats up to this dude, he’s swell.”


Tags #bike    #messenger    #courier    #sf    #san francisco    #deliveries    #bay    #area    #california    #fun    #art    #fixed    #gear    #road    #mtb    #bicycle    #bmx   

A Moment with Steve Tortorelli

If you live in SF, ride a bike, and do alleycats then you already know Steve. He is usually one of the guys flying by you right at the end when you think your moment of glory has come. I’ve known Steve since before the bike and its amazing to see how cycling has shaped and molded my homie into a full grown cycling MONSTER. Sit back and take a moment to find out a little bit more about the man of a thousand nicknames.

steve in the barrell

Who are you? How old are you? Where are you from?

Steven Dominic Giovani Tortorelli. Aka Baby Murder, Pasta Murder, Stevie Murder, Storts the list goes on . I’m 25 years old but gonna be 26 in October. I grew up and currently reside in San Francisco (SFC).

How long have you been cycling and how did you get into messengering?

I got into cycling by seeing the mash trailer that you sent me through myspace years ago. So I was on a search for a bike, and one day Sean Cullen said he had a bike I could have but then weeks later wanted $700 for a bike he stole from his friend’s roommate. So I was bike less once again until I realized I was able to pro deal a bike through REI ( my employer at the time) and got a steamroller. But a friend that I had worked with said I was just going to be another hipster to get a fixed bike and then throw it away because that’s what hipsters do? That was in late 2006 and I’ve been a bicycle messenger since 2007 so just about four years.

Who are your current sponsors?

Current sponsors for Team Chica Sexy are Pedal Revolution bike shop, Chica Sexy beauty salon, Cadence, Benny Gold, Ritchey Logic, King Kog. Team Murder-Push Bike, Box Dog bikes, king kog, Cadence, De la Paz coffee, Chuey Brand, Cyclist law, and I think one more.. oops sorry Sarah. MASH Transit - Cliff bar, Incase, Cinelli. I think Sidi this year and possibly all the products they sell at the shop? Like Paul, Phil wood and a bunch of other companies, but I’m not sure really, haha so much for being on top of who and what i ride for. I think I ride for San Franpsycho because I get shirts and hats from Chris, but I think thats just because they like me! haha And the one and only POMB Crew which needs no explanation.

sick steve pic

photo by Six Nguyen

Lately you have been riding in road races and cyclocross, how does that compare to the alleycats you normally do. and which do you prefer?

Cyclocross is a different world when it comes to cycling! You’re going at high speed down a dirt path thinking you have complete control of your bike. Then out of no where mud stops you in your tracks and your face down and covered in it! haha its awesome I want to get really good at it this year, complete cardio work out running up sandy hills and jumping over barriers! Man I wanna go race right now just typing about it! haha! Road racing is the bread and butter of cycling. Its such a dialed in category compaired to cyclocross and alley cats.. Which don’t have too many or any rules. Road racing is all about either being up in front and crushing for an hour or being in the pack/ peloton and strategically making your way to the win. Criteriums, circuits, and road are the races I’ve been doing so far this season and I’m really getting my butt kicked by the racers that have been doing this stuff for years! I’m still a novice but soon enough you’ll see me in the Tour! haha Oh and I love alley cats best of all!

Name all the bikes you have and which is your favorite?

My Whips which are up and running are! Surly Steamroller fixed gear, Nagasawa track (Ube ice-cream shout out), MASH Cinelli track/fixed, Waterford road bike, Specialized tarmac S-works (that’s the legit race bike), Specialized Tri-cross, My favorite is my
Waterford. Just because its such a classic ride and I really put it through hell at work! And having a loud baller campy hub on it makes it awesome!

Top 5 cyclist you are inspired by?

Cyclist that inspire me eh? Hmm well I’m not like a hardcore giro or tour fan so I don’t know any famous riders that give me juice to ride but its mostly my homies that push me to be the rider I am today. All of the POMB guys are the core fuel that got me into this mess! A list that currently keeps me going would be Chas, Fergus, Alex F., Sharky from Portland, Bangor. There are a bunch more but you only wanted 5 peeps. Most of them push me past my comfort zone! Which is what I need, and they all know the potential that I have supposedly. They’re all fast dudes though! I want to be a fast dude one day. For now though, I’m still taking notes.

epic steve pic

What’s the craziest thing you have seen while at work?

Craziest thing at work would probably be the time I saw a bummy fight, and one of the dudes was tossed into on coming traffic and got hit by a car. Smashed the cars front window, but just got up and continued to fight with what I’m sure was a broken everything! Man that PCP is one powerful drug!

What are your top 5 cities for riding and why?

Cities I love to ride in would be SAN FRANCISCO, Portland, L.A ., Hawaii, and OHH anywhere in Japan! But I’m going to europe for the CMWC’s (Cycle Messenger World Championships) so there might be another one we gotta add, but I’ll let you know how it goes when/if i come back.

You probably ride more than anyone I know. If you aren’t working you are racing, if you aren’t racing you are going on rides. What fuels your cycling addiction?

To tell you the truth I have no idea what really fuels me. Because there are actually so many different angles to my cycling. My friends are maybe the most energy that goes into it! Fergus pushing to cat. up, Chas for alley-cats and straight scumbaggery. My girlfriend for not being into cycling. It actually helps a lot! She gets my mind off
races that I didn’t win or races that are scaring the ish outta me! My parents aren’t the biggest cycling fans but have my back for whatever I’m into or whatever is helping me pay my rent! haha. It’s kind of like the feeling when I wake up. I don’t drink coffee to get my day started I just get up and go. So maybe its an unknown energy that gets me out there day after day on my bikes.

steve aero helmet ken shot

What are your plans for the future with your cycling? Any Mash, TCB, Murder News?

Plans for cycling. Beat Walton in every race when he comes back from PDX. Cat up and beat everyone in the field. Travel the world and get into ridiculous/ drunken adventures with friends. Just become a well rounded killer in every subject that cycling has! No new news but support your local bike shops! Pushbike, Mash transit, Pedal Rev. Box dog! Go there and make friends and buy stuff!

Last words.

BE A LOSER AND WEAR YOUR HELMET! One car can change your whole life. So leave the fitted hats at home and get a brain bucket and Cair about your safety.. Rubber side down.

Love Steve T.

Chaz & Steve

photo by: Terry B

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