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Edwin’s 30th

Dear Razors, 

Give this man a skate already. 


Everyone in blading. 

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Amsterdam Sessions

All of these guys all killing it. Eisler is seriously on another level . 

Tags #rollerblading    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf    #Amsterdam    #usd    #valo    #skate    #skating    #fun    #art    #extreme    #action    #sports   

Van Rasta X Sourmash


Haven’t seen much from Jeff in a bit, but he came hard with these little edit showcasing his new Sourmash Rasta. You can pick yourself up one of these bad boys from Kendama-Co when they re-up their supply. 

Tags #kendama    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf    #kengarden    #sourmash    #van rasta    #amsterdam    #japan    #wood    #wooden    #skill    #toy    #fun    #art    #film    #skills   

New Van Rasta Edit!!!


What can you really say about this? Dude is one of the top 3 players in the world doing what he does best. KILLING with a kendama. Jeff does all the testing for Sunrise now and as you can see here, Sunrise is about to come out with their new Taiyo, which is the bigger kendama he is using. So go out there and get yourself a new sunrise, I did and it’s the shit, everything is different about the new ones so don’t let old horror stories deter you. I really hope they make the Taiyo in more colors then red, Sunrise if you are reading this make the big one in yellow and white I Guarantee you will sell TONS!!!

Tags #kendama    #wood    #wooden    #skill    #toy    #juggling    #amsterdam    #dutch    #tk16    #mugen    #yumu    #oozora    #shin fuji    #sakura    #amazing    #world    #best   

Van Rasta Interview

van rasta and his collection

Jeffrey Van Reeven aka Van Rasta aka Dutch Kendama is a kendama institution. Who do you know with over 25!!!! kendama edits right now. Arguably one of the best freestyle kendama players in the world, Van Rasta has every kendama you never even knew existed. Sit back and read a few questions with the man, the myth, the legend…..

1.) How did you get into kendama? And how long have you been playing?

 The classic story:) In may 2009 a friend came to the skate park with this weird wooden thing. I was kinda skeptical at first until I realized it wasn’t just about landing it on the cups or spike. I saw that was only the beginning.  I bought one myself and became instantly addicted!

 2.) What do you think fuels your kendama addiction? 

 First of all: All the positive reactions and feedback on my edits, thx,all you guys!!  The hand-eye coordination improvement, the satisfaction of completing certain tricks, and checkin out other edits of course!!

 3.) How many kendamas do you own and what are some of your favorites?

 I think I have about 200 kendamas at the moment. I get about 10 new ones a month so the collection is increasing pretty fast. I’m a big fan of weird kendamas, so I have many different ones I like but so far i think my wine mugen and my jka approved kendamas from the 80’s are my favs.

 4.) What’s the name of the skate park you are at in your edits? Do you skate there a lot too?

 That skatepark doesn’t really have a name. We just  call it “the park”. I don’t skate enough to call it skating. I know how to grind but I think it’s not really good enough to be interesting. I mean I can do mizou, unity, pornstar, soul and stuff like that, but that’s basically all stuff i can do haha, nah I’m better off with a dama:)

 5.)What are you favorite types of tricks to do? Airplane stuff, lunars,space walks, etc.?

 Airtricks and bird are my favorite tricks. 

interview (3)

 6.)What other kind of stuff are you into besides kendama?

 I’m into graffiti, photography, documentaries, and I keep reptiles and tarantulas.

 7.)What interest you about kendama?

 It’s amazing how many different possibilities there are with kendama. It doesn’t seem to end, new tricks are invented daily. I don’t know if there is a skill sports with such a extended range of tricks.

 8.) Do you think there is intelligent life in outer space?

 Nah I haven’t seen any evidence yet. But some weird things are going on out there so who knows haha

 9.) If you were to write a book, what would it be called and what would it be about?

 That would have to be about kendama, and I’m maybe gonna do that:)

 10.) What do you see for the future of kendama?

 I see the mugen kendama making its return and making us all feel like a fool we payed so much, haha kidding. I think kendama will make it big, many new players will join the game, its gonna get crazy!!

van rasta collection

Tags #kendama    #skill    #toy    #wood    #wooden    #juggling    #bilboquet    #tk16    #mugen    #shin fuji    #oozora    #sunrise    #sakura    #sf    #san francisco    #amsterdam    #holland