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Cyclist Dies in Giro D’ Italia

Yesterday in the Giro, the Belgian sprinter Wouter Weylandt was tragically killed on a downhill descent. Apparently he got passed and was looking behind him to see if he should wait for other riders that got passed, and either his pedal or his handlebar clipped a wall going about 40-50 mphs, and that was pretty much it. A lot of other riders said they saw him fall pretty hard, but no one ever thought it would be this bad. Someone hasn’t died in a major bike race in something like 16 years so this comes as a really big shock to the cycling community. People outside of cycling think the Tour de France is the biggest bike race in the world, but people in cycling know that the Giro is the toughest. R.I.P Wouter Weylandt you will be missed. Below is a tribute to him from today’s stage.

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