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KendAlex Plastic Damas

KendAlex Ruisch and his Plastics KendAlex Plastic Damas 1 KendAlex Plastic Damas 2   

"These plastic kendamas are made out of heavy duty industry plastic. The normal size weights 280 gram and comes with a red and a blue JKA string. The big size weights 944 gram = and comes with one 1.2mm UV Orange Diabolo string. They all have the KendAlex seals and all of them are numbered." Ruisch first came out with the amazing Metal kendamas that everyone was drooling over. Now he has made these amazing new plastic damas. I’m really digging the red, white, and blue combo! If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing collectors items you can contact Ruisch here. But I wouldn’t sleep on it because these bad boys are gonna fly off the shelf! 

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