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Pic of the Day

Sweets Kendamas 2.5 Package   

Just got my package of new Sweets Kendamas!!! These are the 2.5 version and the paint is CRAZY freaking sticky even right out of the box. I got Matt to do me a white since they don’t really sell white, and I got the highlighter yellow (probably my favorite) and a sweet sky blue as a bonus!! There are a lot of new bogus kendamas coming out now a days from people that I feel don’t really give a shit about kendama. They are just trying to make a few bucks so support the people that are actually down for the right reasons. Like Sweets, Ken-Co, Ken USA, KengardenTerra and Deathray just to name a few. 

Tags #kendama    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf    #kengarden    #sweets    #wood    #toy    #skill    #juggling    #fun    #art    #sf    #san franciso    #mission    #toy   

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