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Pic of the Day: Yee

Yee Launch to Ao fish 180 out   

This was a pic of Yee that I shot that was never used in the One blade life. I really liked it so here it is. He launched up, somehow locked AO fish on that meter thing then 180’d and landed where that Cherokee is. Freaking nutty, and I like how he is locked on above the car. Also the SHOCK video will be premiering at the Knockout here in my neighborhood on the 16th of December @ 7 pm. So make your plans now to not miss out on the rager that will most definitely ensue. Flyer coming soon!

Tags #inline    #skate    #skating    #fun    #art    #dealwithit    #dealwithitsf    #kevin    #yee    #xsjado    #valo    #ssm   

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